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Summer Village of Pelican Narrows

The Summer Village has a Council of three elected councilors who own property within the summer village. The council is very serious about being good stewards of the land and what’s to leave the natural habitat areas relatively undisturbed and create a walkable community.

Residents would like to maintain a sustainable environment within the municipal boundaries and surrounding watershed are managed effectively. Quality of life is paramount to all landowners and they want to maintain their peaceful, quiet, natural, rural environment. The Municipal Development Plan is focused on sustaining the quality of life of residents and the quality of the environment of the surrounding area.


The Summer Village Council is comprised of three (3) council members who are elected to office every four (4) year under the provision of albert Alberta Local Authorities Election Act. At the organizational meeting of Council, Council appoints a Mayor and Deputy Mayor to service for the term.

The current councillors are; Mayor Ash Hornseth, Deputy Mayor Matt Larson, and Councillor Mike Verrier. The administration duties of the Summer Village are held by the CAO Shirley Yuschyshyn.

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